what if kim k-W

goes fur-free?

Celebrity Status is powerful

and could have a positive impact

for our furry friends

kim kardasian

We’ve been thinking about the unfathomable amount of power that celebrity status can wield.

The biggest names in media can make or break brands, trends and reputations with little more than a sentence, and while that kind of influence might be head-turning, what if it was used for good more often?

Recently, uber-babe Pamela Anderson (who is a staunch vegan and animal rights activist) sent Kim Kardashian-West a faux fur coat for the holiday season and encouraged her to go fur-free and compassionate as a positive influence for her fans.

Now, this is a pretty cool gesture in it’s own right, and the publicity it garnered is a great thing.

// anything is possible. //

But can you imagine if a gesture like this actually worked?! If someone like Kim K-W, whose instagram fan base alone consists of 107 *MILLION* followers, gave veganism and/or faux fur a nod of approval?

Sure, it wouldn’t end the fur trade overnight. But man, it sure would have an impact, wouldn’t it?

Maybe we’ll never know, but with fashion power houses such as Gucci, Armani, Ralph Lauren, BCBG Max Azria and Calvin Klein already committed to being fur-free, maybe it’s only a matter of time.

Anything is possible.

By Fable & Matter

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