If you Can Only Choose

just one-Piece this summer...

we've got you covered!

Last weeks heatwave got us dreaming about Summer and ultimately one of the best things you can do when it’s hot: go swimming!

While we love bikinis, they’ve had a pretty long day in the sun, haven’t they? So now, it’s one-pieces who are getting a moment to shine as the beautiful and comfortable alternatives that they are. 

We couldn’t resist finding you our favourite consciously made picks from small sustainable swimwear brands based in Europe – some of them even use recycled materials such as fishing nets! 

We’re not gonna splash around the fact that these swimsuits are probably a touch pricier than you’re used to… but it’s worth remembering that these brands have taken the time to find new, innovative materials, produce in small quantities (which always costs more) and they make absolutely sure that everyone gets paid fairly.

Plus, you’ll get to channel your inner mermaid-come-beach-babe in every single one of these gorgeous costumes. 

They’re worth every penny. 

Grab your sunnies, let’s go!

velvet and flower swimsuit by Albertine

Albertine Madrague Swimsuit

Albertine is a family affair and born from the childhood memories and aspirations of two sisters. The team designs in Biarritz, France, and produces in different parts of Europe and Tunisia. The one-piece bustier features wires on the bust for a 50’s look and the neck strap is removable. 

Price: € 170

allsisters recycled swimsuit

allSisters Swimsuit

allSisters is a Barcelona-based eco-friendly brand that uses recycled fabrics to produce their high-quality swimwear. By utilising recycled textiles that are OEKO-TEX certified, the company is guaranteeing that the materials have been tested for harmful substances and are made in environmentally friendly and socially responsible facilities. The Andromedae recycled swimsuit has cleverly placed cutouts in the waist and chest but it’s the sexy back that will draw the most attention!

Price: € 122

Ethical Swimsuit by Margaret and Hermione

Margaret & Hermione Swimsuit

Austrian based swim and sportswear label Margaret and Hermione uses fabrics taken directly from the sea. The swimwear is made from recycled fishing nets which gives the swimwear long-lasting durability and shape retention. From raw material to packaging, printed forms, hang tags and labels, everything is made from recycled and eco-certified materials. Designed in Vienna, handcrafted in Croatia and printed in Germany. 

Price: € 154

Underprotection swimsuit

Underprotection Swimsuit

The Becca swimsuit by Danish ethical swimwear label Underprotection is made of recycled polyester and lurex and all garments are made in a factory in India that is certified by the Fair Wear foundation. Underprotection swimsuits use recycled materials wherever possible and continuously look out for sustainable alternatives.

Price: € 161

Albertine Swimsuit

Albertine Shellbeach Swimsuit

Created by two sisters, Albertine is a family affair born of childhood memories and dreams. The pair designs in Biarritz, France, and produces in different parts of Europe and Tunisia. The Albertine “Shellbeach” strapless swimsuit features a “U” separator and removable strap.

Price: € 170

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