the Years of Sweat tests

& bad odour are Finally over!

For many years now, our co-founder Valerie has been making it her personal mission to find the holy grail of body care: a natural deodorant that *actually* works. 

She’s searched high and low for the ideal sweat solution, testing (and rejecting) a vast number of antiperspirants and deodorants from a variety of places and brands in her quest for the perfect ‘pit product.

You might wonder why she bothered going on this little crusade at all. Well, the first reason is that she’s been trying to cut out as many nasty chemicals from her bathroom cabinet as possible in order to revert back to simpler ingredients. 

The second, scarier reason has been the ever increasing rumours that rubbing aluminium salts or parabens under your armpits might be linked to causing breast cancer due to the sensitive glands present there.

So she searched. And searched. And searched. Until…

This year, when she came across not just one, not even two, but FIVE natural deodorants that actually live up to their promises of keeping you fresh and dry! 

It will come of no surprise to you that she can’t keep a secret like that to herself, especially when she knows there are plenty of girls out there having the same experience. Give them a try for yourself and let us know what you think – you’ll be waving your arms in the air like you just don’t care in no time. 

Aluminium Free Deodorants
Fine Deodorant

Fine Deo Vetiver Geranium

The Fine Vetiver Geranium is a unisex deodorant free of aluminium salts and 100% vegan. The Berlin-based company puts a high emphasis on producing pure, organic and effective deodorants that smell amazing. The product comes with a little wooden spatula for hygienic application of the paste-like natural deodorant.  

Price: € 28

girl smells deo

Girl Smells Roll-On Deo

The Girl Smells deodorant is 100% natural and made in Berlin. Contains no aluminium, alcohol, sulphates, perfumes, petroleum, parabens, palm oils or baking soda. Of course, it’s also cruelty-free and smells subtle but delicious.

Price: € 28

I+M Deodorant

I+M Deo Cream Grapefruit

The I+M deodorant cream is a reliable, long-lasting protection against unpleasant odours. The gentle and effective formula with zinc, baking soda and coconut oil prevents the formation of odour-causing bacteria without disturbing the skin’s natural function. Selected fair trade, organic oils provide a silky-soft skin feel while the refreshing scent of grapefruit captivates the senses and neutralises existing odours. Aluminium and alcohol-free.

Price: £ 8.99

Aesop Deodorant

Aesop Spray Deodorant

Unisex deodorant by Australian brand Aesop helps you avoid unpleasant, smelly armpit odour. While it’s not an antiperspirant, it contains the active ingredient zinc, which conceals odour that is produced by bacterial decomposition within sweat, so odour can’t be released into the atmosphere. The aluminium free spray is a blend of eleven oils and has a yummy woody, herbaceous and earthy aroma.

Price: £ 23

Fine & Foxycheeks Deodorant

Fine & Foxycheeks Deo Stick

Fine x Foxycheeks Limited Edition minty deodorant stick is not only unisex, certified organic and vegan but also specially optimized for sensitive skin. They ditched the normal plastic packaging and used paper instead so it’s 100% biodegradable. Also free of GMO’s, aluminium salts, nanoparticles, paraben, gluten, petrochemical, colours or any other fillers.

Price: € 37

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