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vivienne westwood

It seems second nature

to shower daily ...

You could do a lot worse than to emulate Dame Vivienne Westwood, couldn’t you really; fashion designer extraordinaire, hot younger husband, bad-ass climate change fighting hero. So recently, when we discovered that Vivienne only bathes once a week, we were pretty quick to forgive her sins. Let’s face it, it can’t be doing her too much harm. In fact, we started to question where and how our own washing habits started. It seems second nature to us to shower daily, sometimes even twice, depending on where the day has taken us. But is this obsession with cleansing natural? Cultural? The remnants of a puberty where our hormones went wild?


vivienne westwood

Considering the amount of water we waste washing, the chemicals we siphon down the sink, the likelyhood that overwashing is stripping our skin of its natural oils, cracking our skin and potentially even increasing our chances of infection… well. It’s worth thinking twice before diving in all the time, isn’t it?

As long as you wash your mitts regularly and well, and keep your ‘pits and your bits fresh, then it’s probably all good.

A week is too long for us but at least it got us thinking.

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